30 March 2023: Everything Falls Away

Everything Falls Away

~ by Parker J. Palmer

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change.

                                              ~William Stafford

Sooner or later, everything falls away.

You, the work you’ve done, your successes, 

large and small, your failures, too. Those 

moments when you were light, along-

side the times you became one with the 

night. The friends, the people you loved 

who loved you, those who might have 

wished you ill, none of this is forever. All 

of it is soon to go, or going, or long gone.

Everything falls away, except the thread 

you’ve followed, unknowing, all along.

The thread that strings together all you’ve 

been and done, the thread you didn’t know 

you were tracking until, toward the end, 

you see that the thread is what stays 

as everything else falls away.

Follow that thread as far as you can and 

you’ll find that it does not end, but weaves 

into the unimaginable vastness of life. Your 

life never was the solo turn it seemed to be.

It was always part of the great weave of 

nature and humanity, an immensity we 

come to know only as we follow our own 

small threads to the place where they 

merge with the boundless whole.

Each of our threads runs its course, then 

joins in life together. This magnificent tapestry-

this masterpiece in which we live forever.


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