Downeast Fellowship of The Spirit Meeting, Sundays 11:30am to 12:30pm

In the spirit of the Sanctuary, Moo’s Corner will be host each Sunday 11:30am to 12:30pm to a DownEast “Fellowship of the Spirit” Big Book Meeting. All Welcome.

For 2020, meetings will be held Sundays June 20th through October 25th. 2021 meetings will resume on Sunday, June 6th.

Please bring your mask, chair, and Literature (Big Book & “12 Steps & 12 Traditions”)if able. Some of each will be available. Observe social distancing of 6’ at all times outside your quarantine group. Also, if attending in person join us from 11 to 11:30am for coffee/muffin informal social time in the sanctuary — BYOCM (Bring Your Own Coffee & Muffin ☺️)

This will be an outdoor meeting as well as a hybrid ZOOM Meeting. Please bring your phone if able as well to facilitate those joining virtually being able to hear.


10/25 READING  will be from the AA Big Book

Chapter 5 – How it Works (Sex Inventory)
Start at – Page 68 – “Now about sex.”
Stop at the end of the chapter.

AA Big Book Chapter 5

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