3/3/2022: How to Grieve on Tuesdays with Flare

How to Grieve on Tuesdays with Flare

~ by Lisa Reilich (vs.3, 3/3/2022)

Cry in your cheerios –

make sure the milk gets

extra salty.


Listen to all her favorite songs until

you can sing them acapella,

all six hundred and ten;

Burn all the junk mail and recyclables

outside, be sure to bring the marshmallows

just because she would;

Watch “Merlin” by the campfire pretending

the tiki torches are from Camelot

and that Puff the Magic Dragon is

just around the bend.


Cry in your cheerios –

take care the milk gets

extra salty.


Sit on her favorite ocean rock at dusk and stare out until

you are sure every star in the cosmos is lit;

Squeal with delight and wonder for each “new”

memory her friends share;

Hang a pinata from a tree in the woods filled with party

favor bubbles, punch balloons and Reese’s peanut butter cups –

Hit it really, really hard

like she would.


Cry in your cheerios –

even if the milk gets

super salty.


Paint her chair blue and sprinkle it with glitter

because life is more magical with glitter;

Dance at midnight in the kitchen to “Dancing Queen”

with absolutely no one at all just because she would;

Bury tulip bulbs in October so you will remember

that flowers playing dead

come back to life in the Spring.


Cry in your cheerios –

make sure the milk gets

good and salty.


Play her pennywhistle every night

even though you don’t know how;

Collect the last apples from her apple tree

on Halloween standing on the trampoline, jump

to get the high ones;

Watch “Coco” in the firelit dark

to make your candle collection look

not quite so over the top;

Make up a new Holiday and name it

after her insisting

everyone celebrate.


Cry in your cheerios –

think about how the milk might taste

without so much salt.


Hang a fairy wind chime in the maple by the sea

so you can hear her sing;

Write poems to find the pieces you are missing

and give those pieces flavor and depth;

Put on your favorite play just to find out

where she went between the lines;

Register for college classes even though

you are over fifty

just so you can finish what she started;

Invite her to dinner and smile because you know

it makes her smile just to watch you eat;

Read “Runaway Bunny” to her at night so

you might find her at the end.


Cry in your cheerios –

be careful the milk doesn’t get

too salty.


Hide easter eggs pretending you are her and then

go find them pretending to be you;

Feed the birds in her park only on Tuesdays

so they are sure to make a special trip;

Take a stuffed sloth with you everywhere,

just because she took a stuffed sloth with her


Go to her college chapel service

every week knowing

you will find her in the air;

Sing out and loud and slightly off key –

just because she did;

Make her favorite lemon squares and eat them

remembering to smile because

she might be watching.


Cry in your cheerios –

salt the milk

lightly with love.


Put together the jigsaw puzzle

with missing pieces because

maybe the pieces will be found;

Paint your nails a baby blue that is so her

you can feel her in your fingertips;

Play all her favorite songs extra loud

on road trips, just because she did;

Share all your favorite pictures, and the ones

you never took, painting them

into life with words;

Discover a new religion and consider

running away and becoming a nun;

Join the circus –

just kidding.


Cry in your cheerios –

but eat them before

they get too soggy.


Travel by train cross country

so you can catch

time going backwards

behind the glass –

It might even stop.


Live like

there is no tomorrow

because there isn’t.


Love like

your life depends on it

because it does.


Feel her

in your fingertips.


Eat your cheerios

just as they are –

the milk tastes better



Remember to dance

with the stuffed sloth especially

at midnight –

Dancing in the kitchen, at the sea,

in the car, around the fire and

just because –


She would.


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