23 May 2024: Ghazal 328 — Prayer of Love and Death

Ghazal 328: Prayer of Love and Death

~ by Hafiz, translated from Persian by A.Z. Foreman

Send news we’ll meet. From this life to You there I will arise!

I’m heaven’s bird, and from the world’s cruel snare I will arise.

I swear it by Your love! If You but call me as Your slave,

From sovereignty of time and space, I swear I will arise.

Send down, O Lord, the rainfall from Your guiding cloud, for soon

Like the wind-scattered dust blown everywhere, I will arise. 

Come sit beside my dust with wine and music. Dancing up

From my grave’s prison, drawn by scents You bear, I will arise.

Arise, my love. Regale me with Your stature and Your grace. 

Capering from the world and life I wear, I will arise. 

Although I’m old, if You hold me tight in your arms all night,

Then from Your side, young in the dawning air, I will arise. 

The day I die grant but a breath of time to see Your face.

As Hafiz then, from this world’s when and where, I will arise.


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