2 November 2023: Come Sit and Rest

Come Sit and Rest

(Ode on All Souls Day)

~ by Lisa Ann Reilich, 2.Nov.2023

This last storm there was just wind

and rain; It barely made a dent.

I laugh out loud in the swirling and the wet —

“At least it isn’t snow! I don’t have to shovel!”

It took some days for the heaviness

to take over my feeling of good fortune.

It took passing Great Grandma Maple,

or more circling her three limbs now sprawled

in deep prayer around her, one still dangerously

suspended in the sky by Sister Spruce, caught

in her arms, as in heartbreak, mid fall.

Passing by was no longer possible.

Circling was all that was left.

Once they held up my heavens and defined

every waking sky from my bedroom window.

Harbingers of Spring; Stark companions through Winter.

Now, like deflated lawn ornaments, they are heavy,

no longer buoyant, and block my daily way

on rounds to field, barns, raspberries overgrown.

Yet still there is the old oak swing on her

remaining narrow branch, vaulted starkly upwards,

dressing herself in remnants of Autumn treasures,

somewhat apologetic now and insecure it seems

without her sisters filling her out against the sky.

Great Grandma Maple, still giving in her sorrow

all she can, whispers —

“Here,” she beckons, “Come sit and rest awhile

Dear Child as in old days. Rest here on Cousin Swing.

We can hold you still my Child, bear your weight

and worries. Swing on my arm as before while you rest.

You are weary from this day like us all.

Come rest.”

And I do.

Grateful for her embrace

on this day and so many



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