11 April 2024: I Am Your Vessel

I Am Your Vessel

~ by Amy Oestreicher


Green open hills unravel their gifts to me; 

I am a vessel. 

Clouds stream their grins as they dreamily shift to me.  

I am your vessel. 

Strings plucked on guitars — only seen in threads of hair.  

Silent as aroma swirling all because of air.  

Prickling pines poke my neck as I stare 

at how wide the sky can go.  

I am a vessel.  


Dew on the grass tickling one rolling heart,

a heart that wonders what’s around it.  

The ancestries I roll on, 

the legacies I tread upon.  

Let me be your vessel.  


The sky turns colors slow as Butoh dance,

slower than I know how to ask “What’s above in your expanse?”  

Am I wide enough, big enough, strong enough, spirit enough 

to be your vessel?


Am I deep enough, rich enough, soul enough 

to live in and under this whirling web?  

And know I’m a part of that, all that I see?  

I’m a piece of your vessel.  


Where my pain is rock and molten, 

but your skies are silk and golden,  

can I give it to you?  

To your meandering brooks 

and the midnight stars?  

Your hills still shine, 

can I sparkle too?

If I am your vessel….


Can I be your vessel?  





Used with permission of Marilyn Oestreicher.


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