EVENT: Fence Raising & Painting ROUND 2! — May 31st, 2020

May 31tst, 2020 — 12pm to 4pm

We have some wonderful neighbors right next to Moo’s Corner who we would like to keep happy with us! And so we have some significant amounts of fence to put up to help define where Moo’s Corner begins and ends and to keep farm critters, our dogs and those of visitors on the “right side of the fence”! No more stealing cat food from the neighbors porch for Sunny and Daisy and no more visitors to Moo’s Corner with well intentions wandering accidentally off the farm, out of Moo’s Corner and onto our poor neighbor’s abode!

We got a really good start on Sunday, May 24th — and now we are ready to really get it up and in place! Join us this Sunday, May 31st, to help raise our picket fence and paint it white —- in preparation for more creative painting at Maiah’s Memorial/Celebration on June 10th. Send us a message if you can make it. Message us at paintedpepperfarm@gmail.com OR on the Moo’s Corner FaceBook Event Page .

This is a safe and socially distant work day. Bring your own hydration, snacks, mask and any tools you think would be helpful.

Bring suit and towel for a dip in the ocean as well 😊🌞

Thanks 🌿🥰

To find out more, visit our FaceBook Page and message us there!