15 June 2023: Be Still

Be Still  (A Prayer to the Self)

~ by AdiKanda

Be still

Be still like the creeping dawn

the lake silent in the mist

of a slow first light

breath of a sleeping Mother

be still

Be still

Be still as the page of a book

which does not turn

no future to discover

no past to remember

only the now

this moment present

in perfect words of stillness

the perfect no thing

of no where

be still

Be still

Be still for music has ended

as the silence arrives

as the echo dies

as the sonic memory fades

even as we know

song may come again

even as we know

sound was once heard

in this place it is absent now

the strings mute

the bow rests

the ear forgets

everything except nothingness

be still

Be still

Be still in God

in Death

Let the breath not hurry

Let the hunger not rush to eat

Let the thirst of the body

for the river of life

soften and slow

as all the doings are done

the calendar freezes

the alarm promises

to never ring again

There is no bread to bake

no bed to make

no candle to light

no war to fight

no money to be made

and no world to save

The story you have told

over and over

is over

Be still

Be still

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