3/17/2022: This morning the birds joyfully welcome the rising sun


The morning birds joyfully welcome the rising sun.
Do you know my child
that the white clouds are still floating
in the vault of the sky?
Where are you now?
In the country of the present moment
the ancient mountain is still there
although the white crested wave
is still reaching for distant shores.
Look again.
You will see me in you
and in every leaf and flower bud.
If you call my name, you will see me right away.
Where are you going?
The old frenzy poni tree offers its
frequent flowers this morning.
You and I have never really been apart.
Spring has come,
the pines have put out new shining green needles
and on the edge of the forest
the wild plum trees
have burst
into flower.

~ Thich Naht Hahn