3rd Goat of Christmas — Painted Pepper OMB Little Swan



DOB:  04/09/2020


ADGA Registration: PENDING
Height:  (ADGA official measure– VT 10/2021) 20.75″
Linear Appraisal:  NA

DHIR@ 1-00yrs = 187d/446# — ME305d/840# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

(Swan pictured above with her Dam Painted Pepper RJ Cakewalk and full younger sister Painted Pepper OMB Orangsicle)

Painted Pepper OMB Little Swan is the first of two Old Mountain Farm Borax daughters we have freshened and in both cases we are impressed with the rear and foreudder attachment, correctness of feet and legs, length of body and level toppline as well as dairy strength.  We often call her our little Saanen because of her coloring and dairyness! We would like to see a stronger medial suspensory ligament on Swan, although her 1/2 sister Painted Pepper OMB Maiah Moo (yearling 1st freshener) does have a very nice medial suspensory ligament (udder pictured below).


Swan’s half-sibling and Borax daughter Blackstream Farm B LaceyLou  had a successful 1st year showing earning 1xRGChampionship (photo courtesy BlackStream Farm)!

From a production standpoint, Swan has given a strong showing for her first lactation and with an ME (mature equivalent) of 840#, we expect her to be a solid and admirable production doe.  Swan’s dam, 3*M Painted Pepper RJ Cakewalk (pictured with Swan and swan full sister above), is dam to  SG 4*M Painted Pepper PS Lemon Meringue, and is just finishing this year her final lactation at 12 years of age.  Her incredible dairyness coupled with hardiness, stature (21.75″ VT official), consistent will to milk, creamy udder with easily expressing teats is what has kept her a solid member of our milking line up all these years. Cakewalk brings with her SG designation two generations deep on her dam’s side and forward into her evaluated progeny (Lemon Meringue) and through her sire (Swan’s grandsire) Rosasharn  SP Jupiter +*B  the conformation and production genetics of SG 2*M AGS Rosharn’s Eclipse (LA 91 (EEEV) @ 12-04). Swan is leaving our herd specifically because of milk stand manners and her penchant for escaping many fences and gates.  She is so clever she has put herself on our sales list!  We do plan to keep one of her three full siblings from Cakewalk’s 2021 kidding — Painted Pepper OMB Orangsicle (pictured above with Swan and Cakewalk) and we have also retained her single doeling, Painted Pepper OMT Egret, out of Old Mountain Farm Theodoregene. 

DAM: 3*M Painted Pepper RJ Cakewalk

(Cakewalk udder at 12 years — May 2021)

  • LA  — NA
  • DHIR@ 7-10yrs = 249d/623#  — ME305d/754#
  • DHIR@ 8-09yrs = 289d/482# — ME305d/550#
  • DHIR@ 9-09yrs = 305d/586#; 324d/593# (extended) — ME305d/598#
  • DHIR@ 10-10yrs = 270d/785# — ME305d/850#
  • DHIR@ 11-10yrs = 185d/490# — ME305d/620# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

GRANDDAM: SG 2*M Painted Pepper ST Judy

  • LA FS83 (+VE+) @ 02-11 yrs

GRANDSIRE: Rosasharn SP Jupiter +*B

  • LA FS85 (VV+ ) @ 02-03 yrs


SIRE: Old Mountain Farm Borax

Borax pictured at 1-05yrs

  • LA 79 (AVV) @ 02-07yrs

GRANDDAM: 3*M AR Old Mountain Farm Armaghan 

GRANDSIRE: Old Mountain Farm Grey Cheek

The below pedigree detail is for full sister to Painted Pepper OMB Swan, Creamsicle & Dreamsicle — Painted Pepper OMB Hot Potato