11th Goat of Christmas: Painted Pepper OMG Ash

🎄🎺 On the 11th DAY of Christmas, my true love gave to me 🎺🎄—


Junior Buck — polled


Photo Credit Sarah Swazey

DOB:  5/3/2021


ADGA Registration: Pending
Height:  NA

Linear Appraisal:  NA

Painted Pepper OMG Ash, out of SG 4*M Painted Pepper CD Magnolia x  Old Mountain Farm Got Milk?, comes straight from the genetics of daughter Ella’s 4-H show herd foundation doe SG 2*M Painted Pepper LVB Hope, greatgranddam of SG 4*M Denbow Acres Farm Diane Legacy, Magnolia’s granddam as well.  Diane Legacy and Magnolia also share SG 2*M Painted Pepper ST Judy, the foundation of daughter Maiah’s 4-H show herd, in their pedigree who brings in the strong Jobi production genetics which round these pedigrees out so well, giving them excellent strength as solid contributing members to Total Performance herds.

Magnolia and her dam SG 3*M Painted Pepper PS Willow both have capacious well attached udders with excellent medial suspensory ligament and large easy expressing teats. As a SG +*B Painted Pepper RJ Sprinter daughter, Willow has the best of the Rosasharn production and conformation genetics behind her. With SG designation herself and three more generations deep on her maternal line, in addition to this recognition solidly on her paternal line, along with the solid conformation of Old Mountain Farm through grandsire Old Mountain Farm Joshua James +*B, the proven tranrsmittability of Magnolia’s superior production and conformation genetics is without question.

For Ash’s sire, Old Mountain Farm Got Milk?, while we have not yet freshened his daughters, we can’t say enough about how excited we are to add his genetics to our herd, a beautiful blending of Twin Creeks and Promisedland genetics through his sire Old Mountain Farm Hercules and dam 3*M Old Mountain Farm Leeloni, he himself (LA 88 VVV) has incredible dairy character, length of body and overall correctness and presence which we are already seeing in his kids.

DAM:  SG 4*M Painted Pepper CD Magnolia

  • LA 86 VEE+ @ 4-07yrs
  • DHIR@ 1-02yrs = 181d/346# — ME305d/642#
  • DHIR@ 1-11yrs = 305d/587#; 316d/597# (extended lactation) — ME305d/792#
  • DHIR@ 3-00yrs = 305d/567#; 309d/570# (extended lactation) — ME305d/646#
  • DHIR@ 4-01yrs = 162d/501# — ME305d/872# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

GRANDDAM:  SG 3*M Painted Pepper PS Willow

  • LA FS89 VEEV @ 05-05
  • DHIR@ 3-11yrs = 260d/524# — ME305d/672#
  • DHIR@ 4-11yrs = 305d/860#; 360d/919# (extended lactation) — ME305d/860#
  • DHIR@ 6-01yrs = 305d/780#; 890d/1,608# (extended lactation) — ME305d/788# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

GRANDSIRE: Painted Pepper JJ Count Drogo

  • LA — NA


SIRE: Old Mountain Farm Got Milk? (polled)

  • LA 88 VVV @ 2-06yrs

GRANDDAM: 3*M Old Mountain Farm Leeloni


  • LA — NA
  • DHIR — NA

GRANDSIRE: Old Mountain Farm Hercules


  • LA –NA