9th Goat of Christmas: Painted Pepper GS Tsunami

🎄🎺 On the 9th DAY of Christmas, my true love gave to me 🎺🎄—


Junior Buck


Photo Credit Sarah Swazey

DOB:  5/21/2021


ADGA Registration: Pending
Height:  NA

Linear Appraisal:  NA

For Painted Pepper FSE Tsunami, his name defines him in a good way — he is the perfect storm of all our best Painted Pepper Farm production and conformation genetics in one lovely dairy package. His dam, 3*M Painted Pepper JS Blizzard, is a lovely correct well-blended doe with beautiful length, dairy strength, solid production, and a capacious mammary system featuring large plumb teats, wonderful rear and fore udder attachment as well as medial suspensory ligament.  Blizzard’s sire, Painted Pepper PJ Jumpstart ++*B, has been a major contributor to our herd through his many daughters both in terms of conformation and productivity.  He brings with him strong Jobi genetics from his grandsire and, like Blizzard’s dam 2*M Painted Pepper PS Dahlia, adds SG 2*M AGS Rosasharn Eclipse genetics through their mutual grandsire Jupiter.  Blizzard’s granddam — SG 1*M AGS Mt. Signal Farm Darling Dottie– also brings in phenomenal production  (ADGA TopTen Milk Production 2006, 2007).

Tsunami’s sire Painted Pepper FSE GingerSnap —- out of our SG 4*M Painted Pepper JJ Jewel LA 90 VEEE (ELITE 2017) x FeatherNScale Equilibrium — brings in the beautiful consistent conformation of sire Old Mountain Farm Joshua James +*B and adds line breeding through her dam SG 3*M Painted Pepper Guinevere (ELITE 2018, 2019) on Darling Dottie and SG Painted Pepper RJ Sprinter +*B, with SG designation now 4 generations deep. As for GingerSnap’s sire, Equilibrium, he brings with him a line from our herd we had lost through his dam SG 3*M Equinox, with SG designation 3 generations deep on his dam’s maternal line and 1 generation deep on her paternal line. He also through his sire brings in the excellent conformation of the Tiny Angels herd through his sire Tiny Angel CK Two Faced.  

DAM:  3*M Painted Pepper JS Blizzard

  • LA 88 VEEV @ 4-07yrs
  • DHIR@ 2-00yrs = 305d/558#; 310d/561# (extended lactation) — ME305d/753#
  • DHIR@ 3-01yrs = 278d/682#  — ME305d/789#
  • DHIR@ 4-02yrs = 144d/463# — ME305d/703# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

GRANDDAM: 2*M Painted Pepper PS Dahlia 

  • LA FS86 V+VV @ 06-02yrs
  • DHIR@4-08yrs = 301d/502# — ME305d/525#
  • DHIR@5-08yrs = 267d/463# — ME305d/515#
  • DHIR@6-08yrs = 305d/651#; 315d/656# (extended lactation) — ME305d/638#
  • DHIR@7-09yrs = 305d/707#; 542d/934# (extended lactation) — ME305d/707# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

GRANDSIRE: Painted Pepper PJ Jumpstart ++*B

  • LA FS86 V+V @ 06-05


SIRE: Painted Pepper FSE Gingersnap

  • LA 86 +VE @ 02-07yrs

GRANDDAM: SG 4*M Painted Pepper JJ Jewel (ADGA ELITE)

  • LA 90 VEEE @ 4-06yrs
  • DHIR@ 2-01yrs = 240d/562# — ME305d/813#
  • DHIR@ 3-00yrs = 293d/659# — ME305d/747#
  • DHIR@ 4-00yrs = 301d/706# — ME305d/801# 
  • DHIR@ 5-01yrs = 523d/1090# — ME305d/928#

GRANDSIRE: FeatherNScale Equilibrium *B

  • LA — not applicable