1st Day of Christmas — Painted Pepper FSE Gemstone



DOB:  3/3/2019


ADGA Registration: PD2195771
Height:  (ADGA official measure) 18.5″
Linear Appraisal:  A+VA 77 @ 2-07yrs (10/2021)

DHIR@ 2-00yrs = 189d/430# — ME305d/732# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

(GEMSTONE pictures at 6 months of age)

Painted Pepper FSE Gemstone is a first freshener out of our  2*M Painted Pepper JS Jemima, an absolute favorite for her will to milk.  As a first freshener senior doe at $500, Gemstone is truly the best value of all the senior does we currently have available! Like her dam Jemima, Gemstone has long easy expressing teats, with excellent rear udder attachment. She has beautiful dairy strength, excelling in body capacity and length. Her will to milk is outstanding for any doe, and even more so for a first freshener.  Why is she leaving our herd?  In the case of Gemstone it is stature (Official Measure 18.5″) — we prefer taller does for our permanent herd — and milk stand manners, we milk from the rear by machine and Gemstone will be better suited to hand milking from the side. Gemstone is ideally suited to a homestead dairy rather than show home.  

 At 189 days fresh (6 months), she has already produced 430 pounds of milk as a first freshener with an ME of 732#.  Her Granddam  1*M Painted Pepper RJ Spunky  was incredibly productive in her younger and middle years (herd hiatus on DHIR testing during these years and so no official records), is able to do extended lactations, and is still showing solid production with a will to milk as a 12 year old doe on the 3rd year of extended lactation. For Gemstone’s maternal grandsire,  Painted Pepper PJ Jumpstart +B, we can’t express enough how much we love his many daughters in our milking herd both in terms of conformation and exceptional productivity.  He brings with him strong Jobi genetics from his paternal grandsire and SG 2*M AGS Rosharn’s Eclipse (LA 91 (EEEV) @ 12-04) genetics through his maternal granddam. What makes Gemstone a Senior doe with exciting potential is this combination with sire FeatherNScale Equilibrium *B. He brings with him a line from our herd we had lost through his dam SG 3*M Equinox, with SG designation 3 generations deep on his dam’s maternal line and 1 generation deep on her paternal line. He also through his sire brings in the excellent conformation of the Tiny Angels herd through his sire Tiny Angel CK Two Faced +B. 

DAM: 2*M Painted Pepper JS Jemima (pictured as First Freshener)

(udder not full in pictures)

  • LA 87 VVEV @ 3-04yrs
  • LA FS84 VVE+ @ 5-05yrs
  • DHIR@ 2-10yrs = 788d/1,268# (extended) — ME305d/884#
  • DHIR@ 5-00yrs = 128d/326# — ME305d/594# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

GRANDDAM: 1*M Painted Pepper RJ Spunky

  • LA FS83 +VV+ @ 9-05yrs
  • DHIR@ 9-01yrs = 299d/513# 
  • DHIR@ 10-01yrs = 906d/1,537#(extended) — ME305d/562# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

GRANDSIRE: Painted Pepper PJ Jumpstart +*B

  • LA FS86 V+V @ 6-05yrs


SIRE: FeatherNScale Equilibrium *B

(pictured as Junior Buck 10/2018)

First 3 photos courtesy of FeatherNScale Farm

  • LA — not applicable

GRANDDAM: SG 2*M Painted Pepper PS Equinox 


  • LA 90 VEEE @ 4-03yrs
  • DHIR@ 4-00yrs = 305d/680#

GRANDSIRE: Tiny Angels CK Two Faced +B


  • LA 81 AVV @ 3-04yrs

Gemstone’s Pedigree Detail