2nd Goat of Christmas: Painted Pepper FSE Halo

🎄🎺 On the 2nd DAY of Christmas, my true love gave to me 🎺🎄—


SOLD — PRICE: $850

DOB:  4/5/2019


ADGA Registration: PD2189248
Height:  (ADGA official measure 10-2021 VT) 20.5″

Linear Appraisal:  86 +VVV (@2-06 yrs)

DHIR@ 2-00yrs = 164d/367# — ME305d/1022# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

Here is one very promising first freshener — Painted Pepper FSE Halo —- out of our SG 4*M Painted Pepper JJ Jewel LA 90 VEEE (ELITE 8/2017) x *B FeatherNScale Equilibrium. Halo’s dam Jewel is one heck of a productive doe, having just completed a 523-day extended lactation at 1090#. As a SG 3*M Painted Pepper Guinevere (ELITE 12/2018, 8/2019) daughter with SG designation two past generations deep and daughters on the ground already who are all strong producers, Jewel has already earned her SG status already, earning it as a 3-year old doe in 2018. As for Halo’s sire, Equilibrium,  we are very impressed with the quality of his 2019 daughters who we have freshened along with Halo’s brother Gingersnap who had LA of 86 +VE (@2-06 yrs). Equilibrium brings with him a line from our herd we had lost through his dam SG 3*M Equinox, with SG designation 3 generations deep on his dam’s maternal line and 1 generation deep on her paternal line. He also through his sire brings in the excellent conformation of the Tiny Angels herd through his sire Tiny Angel CK Two Faced.  Halo features very correct conformation including excellent rear udder and fore udder attachment, strong will to milk with creamy udder texture and easily expressing teats as well as excellent milk stand manners.  She is leaving our herd only because of her teat size — smaller than what we like in our milking line up.  She is a doe that is hard for us to part with, and could we keep them all she would stay. Unfortunately, at this point we are reducing the number of does in our milking herd while still saving junior does to freshen.  As such there are first and second fresheners leaving that might otherwise stay — Halo is in this category.

DAM: SG 4*M Painted Pepper JJ Jewel (ADGA ELITE)

  • LA 90 VEEE @ 4-06yrs
  • DHIR@ 2-01yrs = 240d/562# — ME305d/813#
  • DHIR@ 3-00yrs = 293d/659# — ME305d/747#
  • DHIR@ 4-00yrs = 301d/706# — ME305d/801# 
  • DHIR@ 5-01yrs = 523d/1090# — ME305d/928#

GRANDDAM: SG 3*M Painted Pepper PS Guinevere (ADGA ELITE)

  • LA FS86 VVEV @ 5-04yrs
  • DHIR@3-11yrs = 279d/649# — ME305d/765#
  • DHIR@ 4-11yrs = 242d/633# — ME305d/799#
  • DHIR@ 5-10yrs = 331d/634# — ME305d/596# 
  • DHIR@7-00yrs = 265d/579# — ME305d/603#
  • DHIR@7-11yrs = 188d/649# — ME305d/747# (lactation in progress 10/11/2021)

GRANDSIRE: Old Mountain Farm Joshua James +*B

  • LA — not applicable


SIRE: FeatherNScale Equilibrium *B

  • LA — not applicable

GRANDDAM: SG 2*M Painted Pepper PS Equinox 


  • LA 90 VEEE @ 4-03yrs
  • DHIR@ 4-00yrs = 305d/680#

GRANDSIRE: Tiny Angels CK Two Faced


  • LA 81 AVV @ 3-03yrs

Painted Pepper FSE Halo Pedigree Detail